Battle Raphael was set up by Founder/Director Rebecca Day through her company Qoleum for NATO wounded soldiers and develops products that allow the body to train harder.

Qoleum products are known throughout the world for their reliable, unique benifits and are used by a wide range of people such as high performance athletes and people requiring injury prevention and wound and injury recovery.

Today Qoleum delivers no-doping, zero narcotics products suitable for pro-athletes wanting maximum performance to win. Qoleum is made of natural ingredients only found in some parts of the world and some that are derived from indigenous plants found only in New Zealand. Qoleum products are made from recipes known only by Rebecca.

These products are highly beneficial for active people in stressful jobs or for the inactive whether a wounded soldier, a disabled person or someone whose career requires them to remain alert. They are also for those transitioning rehabilitation to others needing to keep their bodies rejuvenated, free of aches and pains and finely tuned so they can take on anything!

looking forward to using Qoleum's products and my journey ahead.

Look out for my discount code coming soon.